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Look what came in the mail today! by louisdragon109 Look what came in the mail today! :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 3 1 Weird Oddly-Shaped Monster by louisdragon109 Weird Oddly-Shaped Monster :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 1 0 Barf? by louisdragon109 Barf? :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 2 0
Why the fusions in Steven Universe are brilliant
Why the fusions in Steven Universe are brilliant (Spoiler)
So, I finally got around to watching the entirety of Steven Universe. Now, I could go on about how great the authors must be to be able to fit such a smart script in a ten minutes lap of time while making them quite eventful, but instead I’m going to go on and talk about their fusions and why they are more amazing then from what they seem to be in the first place.
Steven Universe is, of course, not the first show to bring the concept of fusion into a children setting. Off the top of everyone’s head, there is also Dragon Ball. While their fusion as a whole are quite different, there are still some concepts that crossed over.
More specifically from GT, I mean the series that must not be named under any circumstances, one quote comes to mind.
“The Sayians? They’re here. I am they. We are one.”
Now, this sort of trinity is similar to the one used in Steven Universe. It was mentioned in the show
:iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 4 2
Portrait by louisdragon109 Portrait :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 6 0
Earth's Last Hope
The sun’s bright shining orange light reflected on the transparent dome that covered the city. From the window of the empty waiting room leading to his laboratory, Charles looked at the apocalyptic landscape that unraveled as far as the eye could see beyond the protective jar that kept safe what little was left of the European civilization. The man, in his thirties, wouldn’t really gather too much attention in the middle of a crowd. With short brown hair, a beard of five days and matching eyes, he certainly looked like the everyman. However, the same thing couldn’t be said about his occupation. Biologist by profession, he received the mandate of leading a research group that would have to recreate a lifeform that could survive the outside world.
He had been leading his team for five years already.
Prototypes after prototypes that saw the light of day, every one of them only survived for a short instant before losing their lives due to their instability. Today’s
:iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 3 3
Meanwhile, on a 9gag post about transgenderism... by louisdragon109 Meanwhile, on a 9gag post about transgenderism... :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 1 9
Story Idea - Food for Thoughts
So I've had this idea. This idea that I'm throwing to the writers of this site as a freebie, as food for thoughts. I do want to do something with this idea, though I'm sure what quite yet, so let me all about it.
Like many others before, my idea concerns the four elements. I do realize if you leave this page now and I certainly don't blame you for it, but if you have enough trust in me to bring new life into this subject matter then here is how I would change it:
The story that I had in mind would be set in the contemporary era, where everyone is doing their own thing and living in the civilized world and whatnot. Though, hidden in the population, there are people who can use between one and three of the elements depending on their dedications and knowledge to the whole thing. Though, these people usually keep to themselves because they don't realize that they are not the only ones to have these kind of abilities and they do not want to be cast out. As for the ones who are found out, t
:iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 2 7
Base Collab w/Crazylittlevampire by louisdragon109 Base Collab w/Crazylittlevampire :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 0 2 Bored Louis by louisdragon109
Mature content
Bored Louis :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 1 0
New Icon by louisdragon109 New Icon :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 3 7
Thylacine Revival
Two months after birth.
The young quadruped seems to have a stable state of health despite the events that surrounded its development.
The lab had created an installation mimicking the womb of a common marsupial. The genesis bath was filled with a solution based on a chlorine lead to regenerate cells from a donor whose decomposition process had already begun. The laboratory then had access to samples of a Tasmanian tiger fetus preserved in formaldehyde since the 1930s, which I started doing experiments on. After finding the exact concentration, the cells were bathed in the fountain of youth.
One day, after the first month, the researcher Germanotta arrived early at the workplace and had looked at the basin. Gasping, she was stayed paralyzed for a while before running in the parking lot.
He lives! He lives!
Car horns and shouts of joy were breaking the atmosphere. Inside the membrane of the embryo, the faint glow of the new red heart was beating. I marveled at this creature who had not
:iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 3 19
It's a Dreamer's Life (Child of the stars) by louisdragon109 It's a Dreamer's Life (Child of the stars) :iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 2 0
Oceanic Misadventure - Chapter 2
In my cabin, I was nervously walking in circles; teeth clenched together as I was trying to think how I could figure where we have crashed when I wasn't even conscious when we wandered off of our trail. On my desk, next to my tricorn, laid an opened map kept opened by the use of a knife. The more I walked and the more I thought, the more I started to get frustrated mumbled how stupid I was to think that I would ever be able to figure out the solution to this problem. I started to make my fingers going through my brown hair as my powdered wig absorbed too much water after I got it by the barrel during the attack. Sighing in frustration, I kept walking faster and faster until I sat down at my desk and banged my head against the map, punching the wooden surface of my desk with my fist right next to my. How was I supposed to guess where we had wondered off when I wasn't even conscious the moment we drifted off? My teeth cringed at the thought of not being able to help my crew get back home
:iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 2 3
Oceanic Misadventure - Chapter 1
It has been two months since we set out to sea. My ship, finely made by the best boat-wrights in the country, was named Le Picolaton in honor of the bird of legends punishing people for their laziness. I, the captain leading this expedition, was asked from our king, Louis XV, to find any strategic islands that could be used in the war against the British army who were invading the lands of the new continent. Everything went smoothly, until we went too close to the British island and were forced to flee south. As we passed the land of Spain, a terrible storm broke out.
Waves of wind were going through the sails, whistling through our ears as we kept trying to keep the ship from sinking. On board, everyone was panicking. Sailors trying to safety inside the boat, some others tried keeping the sails in place. This hell of wind showed no signs of calming down or going away. I was yelling orders left and right, telling my crew to keep in position until a barrel lifted by the wind knocked me
:iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 2 14
Like a Friend
I have always been afraid of the dark.
Whether I ever admitted it or not, I was never able to withstand living in the shadows. For every minutes spent in Darkness sparked the most horrific, cruel, twisted abstractions of reality my mind can conjure. Every monsters, diseases and stories I would have read or seen while browsing the web would come to live in the two-sided blade that is my mind. It can be from something as simple as making my way back to my room at night after a shower to pedalling through the dark woods to get back home after a day out.
Today is different. Today, or rather tonight, I’ve walked in darkness and wanted nothing more than for it to engulf me, disappear within it and be part of it.
Feeling lost and gloom, I was more than welcoming somebody that finally did understand me, somebody that has always been there for me, but that I have never noticed.
As I walked into Darkness’s welcoming arms, I finally took my long needed embrace.
:iconlouisdragon109:louisdragon109 4 8

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Hello everyone, 

I know I've been going around the Internet, dA, to Twitter, to Youtube, but I'm growing oooold. 

I'm actually moving out, I've started a new Youtube channel in which I will put all of my time and dedication! This channel is called TheaterPhil. Please come over and we'll have biscuits and what not, it'll be lovely. 

In any case, I'll be spending alot less time on LD109, but just know that I love you all.



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